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of the Tashkent International Film Forum «Golden Guepard»

Article 1.

Tashkent International Film Forum «Golden Guepard» is an annual event with competition-based program of full-length, short and animated films. The Film Forum will be held from 19th till 24th of October, 2013 in Tashkent.

Article 2.

The Film Forum is being organized by the Forum of Culture and Arts of Uzbekistan Foundation (Fund Forum) in cooperation with Uzbekkino National Agency.

Article 3.

Based on the historical adherence of the region`s nations to inter-civilization interaction, the Film Forum will be held under the slogan “Civilizations of the 21st Century: Dialogue of Cultures”, which expresses the main strategic goal of the Film Forum project: build and develop an intercultural dialog among nations of the world through cinema art.

The Film Forum’s objectives are:

  • to attract extraordinary cinema works from different countries that help to develop cinema language and reflect trends in global cinematography;
  • to consolidate and strengthen international cooperation in the sphere of cinema;
  • to contribute to the development and popularization of national cinema, to promote and advocate Uzbek films;
  • to present Uzbekistan`s unique historical legacy to attract representatives of global cinema industry;
  • to discover young talented cinematographers and support their professional endeavors;

Article 4.

The contest will consider:

  • films with no genre restraints that conform to the Film Forum’s concept and goals;
  • films, production of which has been finished in years 2012 and 2013;
  • full-length films in a standard 35-mm or DCP format;
  • short and animated films in different media formats.

The contest will not consider films that:

  • contain elements of pornography.
  • advocate or incite violence, drug use and racial hate.
  • insult a particular individual and a group of individuals.
  • show disrespect for religious and national feelings.

Article 5.

Persons willing to participate in the Film Forum contest must submit a completed application form available on the Film Forum website and a copy of the film on a DVD to the Film Forum Board of Directors no later than July 10, 2013. The films will be selected by a Selection Committee set up by the Organizing Committee.

By sending the films to the Film Forum Board of Directors the following materials should also be submitted:

  • brief synopsis;
  • film director`s biography and filmography;
  • electronic color photos with a size of at least 300х400 Ps;
  • film trailer.

Article 6.

The films should be presented in the original language with editorial scripts in Russian or English.

Article 7.

The Film Forum consists of the following sections:

  • Feature film contest
  • Short film and animated film contest
  • Retrospective review
  • Master classes, conferences, roundtables

Article 8.

The entries will be judged by an international jury composed of prominent local and international professionals. The jury selects winners by secret vote. Decisions will be based on absolute majority of votes. Jury members may not include any individual related to a production or who has a vested interest in the rent of a film submitted to the contest.

Article 9.

Statuette “Golden Guepard” is awarded in the following nominations:

  1. Best film – Grand Prix
  2. Award for the best director
  3. Award for the best actress
  4. Award for the best actor
  5. Award for the best animated film
  6. Award for the best short film

After considering the entries the jury will reach decisions to bestow awards in the categories based on the following criteria.

Criteria for evaluation in the category “Topical issue in cinema”:

  1. Choice of a topical/popular issue and the mastery of its demonstration;
  2. Conformity of film poetics to modern trends in global cinema.

Criteria for evaluation in the category “For an original use of modern technologies in cinematography”:

  1. Unusual choice of a technological solution.
  2. Originality of the artistic solution.
  3. Distinctive style.

Criteria for evaluation in the category “Best auteur film”:

  1. Originality of the idea.
  2. Conceptual thinking.
  3. Originality of workmanship.

Criteria for evaluation in the category “Dialogue of Cultures in Art”:

  1. Ability to combine traditions of various cultures.
  2. Philosophical solution and interpretation of ideas of cultural tolerance.

Criteria for evaluation in the category “For master incorporation of national traditions in cinema”:

  1. Deep reflection of the nature of national psychology.
  2. Imagery and metaphorical reflection of national poetics.

Article 10.

The expenses for transporting films to be submitted for consideration by the Selection Committee will be covered by the producer/studio or authorized organization.

Expenses related to the transportation and insurance of films selected for demonstration during the Film Forum will be covered by the Film Forum Board of Directors.

The Film Forum Board of Directors will also be responsible for the expenses for keeping and insuring copies of selected films within official Film Forum venues in Tashkent.

Article 11.

Other conditions:

The Film Forum Board of Directors undertakes not to use the films for commercial purposes or give them to third parties. The Film Forum Board of Directors reserves the right to keep the photos, slides and excerpts of films (with a duration of 5 minutes maximum) for Film Forum-related media publications.

Article 12.

Contacts of the General Board of Directors:
Address: 80, Uzbekistan str., Tashkent, 100027, Uzbekistan
Tel.: (+998 71) 239-27-74, 239-27-69
Fax: (+998 71) 239-27-71
http://www.fundforum.uz, www.tashkinofest.com
e-mail: h.kurbonov@tashkinofest.com, info@fundforum.uz; fonduz@mail.ru

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