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  • «Golden Guepard» - 2011
  • «Golden Guepard» - 2012

About the Festival

Tashkent International Film Forum “Golden Guepard”

Focused on the broad public interest the Fund Forum, a major public organization based in Tashkent, has made a decision to organize Tashkent International Film Forum “Golden Guepard”. The Film Forum is organized by the Forum of Culture and Arts of Uzbekistan Foundation with support from Uzbekkino National Agency.

Tashkent International Film Forum “Golden Guepard” is a competition-based event featuring a jury comprising high-profile professionals. The contest program presents full-length films, short films and animated films.

The symbolic of the film forum is expressed in the shape of gracious guepard which reflects the film forum organizers` endeavors to join the ranks of leading film festivals. Moreover, the image of guepard has deep historical roots in Uzbekistan`s culture. It was featured in the coat of arms of House of Rulers of Chach (the ancient name of Tashkent). The prizes will be awarded best directors, scriptwriters, actors and other cinematographers in following categories:

  • «Best Film»
  • «Best Short Film»
  • «Best Animation Film»
  • «Best Film Director»
  • «Best Male Role»
  • «Best Female role»

The film forum goals:

- attract extraordinary cinema works that help develop cinema language and reflect trends in global cinematography;
- boost public interest in cinema as a means of conserving national cultures and universal values;
contribute to an effective interaction between western cinema as a source of democratic values on one side, and oriental cinema reflecting a deep philosophy of feeling and lofty ethical ideas on the other;
- consolidate and develop international links in cinema, particularly with Asian countries that are Uzbekistan`s prospective partners in cinema development;
set up links with prominent cinematographers in Europe, North America and South America with recognized achievements;
- establish contacts with young cinema professionals from Africa and Australia who have been active in the global art scene;
- contribute to the development and popularization of national cinema, promote and advocate Uzbek films;
- present Uzbekistan`s unique historical legacy to attract representatives of global cinema industry;
- familiarize local public with leading contemporary films;
- discover young talented cinematographers and support their professional endeavors.

«Three colours: blue»
October 20, 16:00 «Three colours: blue»

Year: 1992
Country: France
Director: Krzysztof Kieslowski

October 21, 10:00 «Linear»

Year: 2012
Country: Brazil
Director: Amir Admoni

October 22, 18:00 «Prayer»

Year: 2013
Country: China
Director: Nuoming Huari

«My house without me/ Mój dom»
October 20, 13:00 «My house without me/ Mój dom»

Year: 2012
Country: Poland
Director: Magdalena Szymków